We are specialized in Asian alcoholic beverages. Our aim is to serve quality alcoholic products and expand the diversity of flavors in Estonia by introducing unique flavors. 

We are the only authorized dealers of Kweichow Moutai, which is the most valued alcoholic brand in the world.

Legendary Spirit of China, available in Tallinn

Asia Drinks is the official dealer and representer of Chinese most famous liquor brand Moutai in Tallinn. 

Moutai is a luxury drink from China that is honored in Asia. Moutai has been used on official occasions in China. It is produced exclusively in Maotai, a city located in southwest of China with very good weather conditions and pure nature that are necessary for the production of Moutai. This area has a very long history in producing alcohol. In 1951, Moutai was named the Chinese national alcoholic liquor. The Moutai spirit is made from a mix of locally produced red sorghum (a small grain rich in tannins), wheat and water. It is 100% organic without the addition of any artificial additives. From the selection of ingredients to the delivery of the finished product, the production cycle takes 5 years, passing through no less than 30 processes and 165 different procedures. The Moutai spirit is manually cultivated following the lunar calendar and the art of the production is passed on from generation to generation. Every production cycle takes 1 year.

Asia Drinks has a Moutai Bar in the Old Town in Tallinn (address Vana-Posti 2) that is focused on introducing the finest spirits from Asia. All of the drinks are outstanding and special liquors that have their own unique stories. Everybody who appreciates quality and valued drinks from Asia are more than welcome to our Bar!

Our Bar

We are located in Tallinn Old Town, Vana-Posti 2.